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About Us

Major changes 2008-2009, it's been a heck of a ride, let me explain...

First, it should be stated that Detours has relocated, to North East Kentucky. In 2006, my wife and I scouted this region, liking it, we put our home on the market in '07 and later that year we relocated to Kentucky. It was a heck of a move, logging over 4,000 miles moving our home and the complete contents of our shop. The New Year (2008) started with a well deserved month long break, it didn't take long to feel the need to get back to fabricating. After some searching for a fresh shop to rent, we settled on a used car lot with service bays to get started in, it worked well for 6 months while we searched for a permanent location to operate from. Mid 2008, I am very happy to say we found our final resting area, a nice home and a nice shop, all located on the same property (along with a few extra acres) on the foot hills of Black Diamond Mountain.

Detours has been at this new location and operating since September 2008. Detours is 100% Jeep and we are very proud of the products we've developed and produced for the past 6 years, all original designs, innovating...never imitating. We will continue with many of our existing products into 2009 along with introducing new products with strong new interest in the full size Jeep market, while remaining strong within our already established TJ/XJ/KJ market. As we have been over the years, we will remain, a build to order company fabricating each and every part as if it was going on one of our own Jeeps.

Got Custom? As always, we welcome the challenge of Custom Projects, turning your idea into your own personal Jeep part. I've enjoyed working with a number of Jeepers who can't find a place that will build their custom parts, working side by side via telephone, fax, and internet. Whenever possible, we're up to your challenge when it comes to your custom part.

I'd like to Thank everyone out there for your patronage over the years, we have attracted a great customer base and we hope to continue to expand on this in the coming years- with quality parts, at a fare price, in a reasonable amount of time, delivered right to your door step.

Detours LLC