Detours Off-Road Hardware

Custom Fabrication

Detours thrives on custom work and fabrication, it's a chance to get away from the jigs and get creative. Long before Detours, it's founder was involved in the Rod & Custom world of cars, no 2 projects the same and creative, day after day. Growing tired of finished pieces sitting in the garage, driving them less than 100 miles a year, knowing that... "that" one ding or nick would be seen a mile away, it was decided it was time to get out & get dented & bruised. The founder's last 2wd project was sold and replaced by a Jeep.

One of the first 4wd projects was an M-715 but that proved to be to large for the trails in New England and its been CJ's, YJ's and XJ's ever since. From there, Detours was born, requests for bumpers & other protection became the norm, idea's were formed, jigs were fabricated, parts were tested & tested again for months at a time. Every standard product offered by Detours was actually a custom product at one time, we could fabricate & bang out the same old product as many do, but we like to re-think a product, mix it up, improve it, make it easy to install or allow it to perform 2 functions instead of only one.

True custom work is a "one-off" fabrication, wether its bumpers or other protection, were proud to still be able to get our hands dirty doing it. There's nothing better than taking a customers input on what he or she likes and wants on their rig, mixing it up.....adding a personal twist here or there.....and hearing upon their return, "Thats exactly what I wanted!" out of their mouth, it makes it all worth the extra effort.

While custom work is typically reserved for local customers, long range projects can be done. It's impossible to quote things such as shipping for such projects but as long as the 2 parties understand the long range issues, such matters can be overcome. Detours welcomes both local & long range projects when a fabricator is unavailable in your area. Give us a call or e-mail us a photo, we'll see if we can help you out with your project, meanwhile, take a look at a few custom projects we have helped others with.