Detours Offroad Hardware

Customer Rigs

It was a pleasure to work with DETOURS. My first purchase was the slimline rear bumper with tire carrier. I was so impressed with the beautiful design and craftsmanship I wanted DETOURS to build a custom front bumper. I drew the design out, send it to DETOURS and they were able to translate my drawing into a design that not only gave my Jeep form but functionality. Small details were thought of and suggested to me during the creation process. I am DAMN proud of both my DETOURS bumpers, and I will be purchasing more goodies from DETOURS in the future.
-Tony from Katy, Texas

Richards LJ at Johnny Park

"I'm very impressed with the build quality." Picture of Richards LJ featuring 1" offset DropKick Slyders.
-Richard, Denver, CO

I can't tell you how impressed I am with the rear bumper. It really completes the look of my xj. The install was even easier than the front, and the quality of workmanship continues to be excellent. This is obviously a piece that was built and designed by someone who knows the xj. We were amazed at how the bumper fit my jeep like a glove as we slid it into place.

Thanks for all of your help during this time. I will continue to enthusiastically endorse your products to anyone who remotely seems interested. Also, thanks for returning my call over the weekend. The questions you answered saved me a great load of time and most likely a couple of mistakes during install. I'll keep checking your web site; I've been hoping to spot my jeep!
-Thanks again and God bless, Patrick

Jeremy of Sheffield Lake Ohio out abusing his rig, SLS rear bumper was sent to him ready modified for Bushwacker flares.

Jon of California testing out his new Unibody Stiffening System with Rok Slyders at the local Mall.

Matt's from Pittsfield, MA, MJ took on the BackBone system, SWB Slyders and our custom MJ rear bumper!

"Impressed with the workmanship, have recommended Detours to others!"
-Bruce, Columbia, CT

"Great bumper, great price, simple, tough, no rattles, good to go!"
-Ben, Boonsboro, NC

"I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my jeep how happy I was that I put your rock sliders on my TJ. Sooo Friggin happy. I use the hell out of them in Calico this weekend. If it weren't for them, my body would be screwed up."
-Ryan, Thousand Oaks, CA

"Thanks for your help and for making such a great product"
-James, Northamptonshire, England

"Put it on today ....Love it......Thanks!"
-Wade, Canton, Michigan

XJ Stiffening System with Rock Slyders

"They've been up for about three days now. Look great and ride is stiffer, no flexing around corners and such. Didn't see any instructions with them, but not much explaining could be necessary for "slide behind bolt one, now slide into place and tighten up bolt two. Drill and attach to seam.

I appreciate your innovation and attention to detail in fabricating them. Nothing is more frustrating then getting something that is sposed to be "bolt-on" and having to modify so much so that it would have been better to just start from scratch."
-Thanks again! Kenny, Greenville, North Carolina