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Drop-Kick Slyders™

Drop-Kick Slyders™ give your Jeep® a new approach to tuff obstacles. This "BOLT-ON" gives your Jeep® the protection to maneuver over and around obstacles that would normally cause expensive body damage. The unique design allows you to drop your vehicle into an obstacle and literally "KICK" off of it as you pass. They also provide a flat surface to enter or exit your Jeep®. Fully gusseted & welded. Single wrench installation in minutes. (No drilling required!)

Drop-kicks are available for YJ, TJ, Rubicons & the NEW Jeep Unlimited (LJ). Simple yet strong, single wrench bolt on construction. Install them in less than 20 minutes, by your self (No Buddies Required) A favorite among Rubicon owners, the Drop-Kicks offer additional lower front rocker protection.

    Special thanks to Dave Moran for the write-ups.
    *Note: Torque specification in the instructions is a misprint. 7/16" hardware should be torqued to 45 ft./lbs.
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Drop-Kicks YJ

Drop-Kicks TJ

Jeep Unlimited

Fork-lift Test

Order Info

Drop-Kick Slyders

$305 + S&H
Standard Drop-Kicks fit Jeeps without Body Lift.

Drop-Kick Slyders

$315 + S&H
Standard Drop-Kicks fit Jeeps without Body Lift.

Offset Drop-Kicks
for 1"-3" Bodylifts

$325 + S&H
Made to fit the common 1-3" body lifts. Offset Drop-Kicks still mount to your Jeeps frame yet they fit snug under your Jeeps body!! (No Big Gaps) Fully welded & gusseted, same simple bolt on design, nice snug fit.

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