Detours Off-road Hardware

Painting Our Products

All products shipped from Detours are thoroughly sandblasted & primed with Magnet Primer/Sealer, black. If your wondering what top coat finish you should use, we offer the following suggestions to top coat your purchase.

Krylon Semi-Flat Black, works great, very durable, easy to touch up & can be found most anywhere.

Duplicolor Bedliner Coating, dries quickly, very black in color, real nice textured finish and easy touch-up. Also recommended Duplicolor or Plasticoat touch up paints, good durable finish, paint your parts to match your rigs factory color, available at most NAPA's or anywhere Duplicolor products are sold.

Hammerite, the king of the spraybombs....extremely durable finish, fast drying, easy touch-up, textured finish, off-beat colors, quart cans are also available.

Rustoleum Metallics, dry harder than standard Rustoleum paints, good protection, harder to find, but worth seeking out.

You may have your own favorites, these are just our suggestions. Unlike Powdercoating which moisture creeps under the finish & hides, paints can be much easier to deal with, simple sanding of damaged area that last rock gave you, little primer & touchup.....your looking good and ready to go again.

Since our parts are painted & not powder-coated, they can be removed and re-sandblasted again to apply a new finish at any time. A powder-coated finish is extremely difficult to refinish or even sandblast, if the parts powder-coating is flaking & rusting you can be sure the metal is pitting as well. You may want to attempt to burn off the powdercoating with a propane torch before attempting to sandblasting it to refinish the product. Be sure to do this in a well ventilated area. Once powdercoating is removed, prime your parts & consider one of the top coat finishes listed above for a durable, easy to touch-up finish that lasts.

Note: Krylon, Duplicolor, Plasticoat, Hammerite and Rustoleum are registered trademarks.