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XJ / MJ Backbone Bumper System™ 2009

Detours is very happy to continue to offer an updated version of our BackBone system for your XJ or MJ. For 2009, we've updated the BackBone system by relocating it's recovery points, this allows for greater approach angles, greater ground clearance and an easier installation with no lower bumper trimming or fitting. Fabricated & formed from 5/16" steel plate, your winch will rest firm and secure on its platform complete with fare-lead mount. Below that, there are two 3/4" thick 'D' ring mounting areas welded into place for recovery. Mounting your BackBone Bumper System has been made just as rugged with plate steel that extends back to your steering box bolts which acts as a steering box brace, in all, up to 12 bolts can retain the system. Once mounted, your original bumper skin gets modified and reused to conceal the system. To remount your modified bumper, you simply loosen the factory mounting brackets, slide them over within their existing slotted holes, tighten and install the bumper over the BackBone system for a clean, almost factory looking winch/recovery system.

  • Winch & Recovery Ready
  • Adds strength to your steering box area
  • Bolt on light bar available
  • Bolt on Pre-Runner brush guard available (shown above)
  • Affordable, no nonsense design

Detours BackBone Bumper System is an easy install for most, all hardware is provided, 91' and newer XJ's the system simply bolts right on, 1990 and older XJ's require 2 holes to be drilled. As for modifying your stock bumper skin, if you or a friend can read a tape measure and cut a straight line, your as good as done! Perhaps you want to build your own custom front bumper & don't know where to start, the BackBone is an excellent platform to build from, all the hard work is done, bolt it up and get creative!

The BackBone Bumper System also allows you to add to it as time goes on by later purchasing the simple light bar or bolting up the Pre-Runner brush guard designed for 96' and prior bumper design which truly beefs up your stock bumper skin. This new approach to putting some BackBone in front of your rig is not only strong, its clean crisp design will leave more than one fellow XJ owner scratching their head on the trail!

MJ with Backbone

Side view showing steering box mounting points. Pre-2009

Standard setup. Pre-2009

New simple light bar set-up

Lights mounted.


Order Info

XJ/MJ Backbone
Bumper System

$298 + S&H
Weight 38 lbs.

Light Bar

$30.00 + S&H

Pre-Runner Bolt-On Brush Guard

$175 + S&H
Currently Unavailable

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