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XJ Unibody Rok Slyder™

Introducing the XJ Uni-Body/Rok Slyder. "Only The Hard-Core Need Apply." Simply designed to be the best and most complete stiffening system on the market. The XJ Unibody Rok Slyder™ system (2"x3" box tubing) is welded and gusseted in place to the Unibody Stiffener (1.5"x3" box tubing).

The complete assembly bolts on in 2 places: at the front control arm & rear leaf pack using your existing factory hardware. Complete removal of the bolts is NOT necessary, simply loosen them and slide the Unibody Reinforcer into place, then re-torque.

Once secured into place "plug-welds" are required in 4 strategic locations for maximum strength. If your not an experienced welder, no problem! Simply bolt them on and drive to your local welding shop to complete the installation. The most complete system available.

Available in 3 configurations.

XJ-1 The Strongest system available, easily mounted to your XJ's existing hardware, 4 strategically placed areas to plug weld to your unibody for maximum stiffness, adjustable pinch lip connections for a custom fit to your XJ. Shipped Sandblasted & Primed.

XJ-2 Features the same tough system as above but DOES NOT feature the "Plug-Weld" areas. Detours has been testing this "No Weld" system which still allows your XJ some flex with great results. Stiff, yet it still allows some flex when pushed to extremes. Shipped Sandblasted & Primed.

XJ-3 For those who currently own rocker protection, add our Uni-Body stiffener ONLY to your XJ. Fit your existing rocker protection to our Uni-Body Stiffener by cutting and welding yours to ours. A great cost cutting solution for those with the right tools. Shipped Sandblasted & Primed

Long Arm Version Available Please call for more info.

Detours XJ-1 Kit

Pinch-Lip Detail

Fork-Lift Test

XJ Uni-Body/Rok Slyder being used as a recovery point.

Tested on the trail.

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$475 + S&H
Strongest system available. Complete rok slyder and unibody stiffner.


$430 + S&H
Same as XJ-1, but bolt-on, NO plug weld option.


$295 + S&H
Uni-Body stiffener ONLY

Long Arm

Version Available
Please call for more info.

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