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XJ STM™ Shock Relocators

The XJ's upper rear shock mount area was something obviously overlooked on the assembly line from day one. This area is a magnet for mud & corrosion which results in broken retaining bolts & hours of labor cutting & drilling to remount your new shocks.

Detours is proud to introduce it's STM Rear Shock Relocators™. The STM's mount in your XJ's original factory mounting area, but lower the shocks upper connection for easy, trouble free access. You will never have to deal with that factory connection again, once installed. Detours STM's are available in 2 lengths; 1.5" and 2.5". They can be bolted in place using your factory hardware, welded in place or bolted & welded for maximum strength.

Use the 1.5" STM to simply replace the factory mounting point while adding 1.5" of additional rear axle droop. 2.5" STM's can be used to obtain additional shock droop, add lift without replacing shocks constantly & experimental/custom applications. Our STM Rear Shock Relocators are built from 1/4" steel through out, laser cut for the best fit possible & fully welded, guaranteed against breakage for the life of your XJ. This along with Detours other parts are simply, built to last!

STM's are available in 3 lengths; 1.5" and 2.5".

Shock & Mount

Installed Close-up 1

Installed Close-up 2

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XJ STM™ Shock

$44.50 + S&H
Constructed from 1/4" steel through out, laser cut for the best fit possible & fully welded. Your choice: 1.5" and 2.5"

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